11.50 Carat 13 Natural Multicolored Platinum Diamond Bracelet


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Multi colored diamond bracelet featuring 13 Radiant shape diamonds, each surrounded by white pave diamonds.
All 13 diamonds are GIA certified and are as follows:

0.87ct Light Pink VS2 GIA Report: 2196318467
0.87ct very light pink SI1 GIA Report: 5186769284
0.90ct light green VS1 GIA Report: 2166171536
0.90ct faint pink IF GIA Report: 2186142556
0.90ct fancy yellow-green VS1 GIA Report: 2186248418
0.84ct fancy yellow-green VS2 GIA Report: 1169971678
0.91ct fancy yellowish green SI1 GIA Report: 2176852680
0.85ct very light pink SI1 GIA Report: 5186645715
0.90ct very light pink SI1 GIA Report: 2186622687
0.85ct fancy light bluish green VS2 GIA Report: 6173042024
0.91ct light blue SI1 GIA Report: 5186905275
0.90ct fancy light yellow-green SI1 GIA Report: 2196253712
0.90 fancy yellowish green VS1 GIA Report: 2166598655

Period: Contemporary
Origin: United States
Manufacture: 2017
Period: 21st Century
Material: Platinum
Stone: Yellow Diamond, Pink Diamond
Cut: Radiant Cut
W 0.36 in. x D 7.29 in.
W 9 mm x D 185 mm
Length: 7.29 in. (185 mm)
Weight: 33.97 g

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VS1, VS2


Yellow, Pink