Pavé jewelry settings, derived from the French word “pavé” for “paved,” feature small diamonds or gemstones set closely together to create a dazzling, continuous surface of sparkle that resembles a cobblestone street. The stones are set with minimal visibility of the tiny metal beads or prongs that hold them in place, giving the illusion that the piece is solely composed of diamonds. This intricate setting amplifies the jewelry’s overall brilliance without overwhelming the central gemstone, if there is one, making it a popular choice for engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine jewelry pieces. Pavé settings can be used to enhance the band of a ring, the perimeter of a pendant, or the body of earrings, offering a versatile way to add elegance and sparkle to any design. The meticulous craftsmanship required for pavé settings speaks to the skill of the jeweler, resulting in exquisite pieces that are cherished for their beauty and sophistication.

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