Side stone jewelry settings elevate the central gemstone by accompanying it with smaller stones along the band, enhancing the overall sparkle and appeal of the piece. This setting is often used in engagement rings and other fine jewelry to create a more dramatic and luxurious look. The side stones can vary in shape and size, but they are typically chosen to complement the central stone, drawing attention to its brilliance and enhancing its appearance. Whether the side stones are diamonds or other precious gemstones, they are meticulously set to ensure harmony and balance in the design.

The side stone setting offers versatility in style, from the classic and subtle to the elaborate and bold, depending on the size and arrangement of the side stones. This setting can employ various techniques, including pavé, channel, or prong settings, to secure the side stones. It’s particularly favored by those looking to make a statement with their jewelry, as it adds additional sparkle and dimension, making the central gemstone appear larger and more vibrant. Side stone settings are a testament to the craftsmanship and creativity of the jeweler, resulting in breathtaking pieces that are cherished for their enhanced beauty and elegance.

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